Sunday, August 19, 2012

August 2012 Socks!

August 2012,

I finished these toddler socks for my daughter on July 31, but I didn't weave the ends in or take pics until August 1:
The pattern is Triple T Socks, but I opted to add a small lace design just for grins.  The yarn is Premier Yarn Serenity in Harlequin, a yarn I picked up before I actually learned how to knit socks and got obsessed with fancy yarns.

And for myself, I tackled my first Cookie A socks, the oft knit Kai-Mei, done in Mountain Colors Crazyfoot yarn, colorway Chinook:


Anonymous said...

Weren't these a hoot to knit? I had a hard time with the movement of the stripe, but I loved the result. Yours are beautiful!

prizebird said...

Thanks so much! Yes, it was a bit tricky to keep track of where the decreases were happening but it worked out in the end.