Sunday, January 1, 2012


Hi everyone!

I know blogger can be a pest at times. But please, only hit the publish post button 1 time. Even if you get an error message, click your browser button back and then click on the edit post tab. Often times you will see your post there, but it will show an orange draft message. Click on Edit on your particular message, make sure your post has the info you want, then click on publish post again.

Hopefully you will only have to do this 1 time. If it still doesn't work, back away for a bit and try again. Email us for help if you need it, that's what we are here for. When you keep clicking on publish post, it gives us multiple copies of your post, then we have to go in and delete the multiple copies. By deleting the multiple copies, we are trying to free up space so others don't have difficulties posting. Yes folks, the behind the scenes action. :)

If you haven't posted before to a blogger blog, or need help, refreshing how to do it, anything, etc. please let us know, we will walk you through it all! :)

Also! If your name and/or blog isn't on the sidebar, let us know! Sorry!! Thanks to everyone who let me know very nicely about that! ;)

If you post your pictures under a different name than on the sidebar, we need to know either what name is on the sidebar, or if you want us to change it. We can't give you credit if we don't know who you are. :)

Now back to knitting socks!!

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