Monday, January 23, 2012

January Socks

Here are my January Socks...
Pattern: "Hearts": A Guernsey Pattern which I changed for my socks (unfortunately it turned out really badly)
Size: Ladies Size 9
Needle: Size 2.5
Yarn: Opal handyed "Antonia aus Tirol - Zeit für Harmonie" (which means "Time for Harmony")
          ("Antonia aus Tirol" is a famous german folk singer who designed different handdyed yarns! ;--))

Unfortunately you can´t see the heart-pattern because I didn´t pick the yarn carefully enough for such a beautiful and easy pattern. You can find it in here. Probably I will give them to my mum as a birthday present. ...I really love knitting gifts. That´s why I´m really looking forward to casting on the next pair right away.

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Snoopyknitter said...

Even if she can't see the pattern, they will keep your Mom's feet nice and warm and she will love you for them.