Tuesday, January 10, 2012

SAM 12 Winners

December's Winner is

SAM prize

Winner of knitting one pair a month for the last 6 months is:

SAM prize

and....winner for knitting at least 1 pair during the last 6 months is....


SAM 11 prize

Email me with your addresses so I can mail your prizes out!

Our numbers are dwindling and I'm happy to continue as I hope are you! I have cleaned up the sidebar and if you happen to see your name off, please let me know. :) If you have any friends that want to join, invite them along!

I sure hope I knit more than 2 pairs in 6 months this time!!  Need to finish some of those sock wips!

Knit on!! :)


Denise said...

Woot! I love this group and I'm glad that you are continuing, Zonda!

Karen G said...

I have been TERRIBLE with knitting lately, but I'm still in. I am DETERMINED to finish a pair this month (it's a start, right?). Happy to be along as a hostess again too.

JoLynn said...

enjoy the group, too.
didn't get many socks knitted.
still enjoy looking at everyone's socks.

Sue said...

It seems like I've had too many other things to knit lately and my sock knitting has suffered. I am going to really try to get more than one pair of socks done this round!